Deep Sea

So obviously I am obsessed by the sea.


Today I went down to the beach and met a man. He says his name is Zuza. He helped me get onto the coral reef - guided me so that I wouldn't fall into the water. He then through sheer force of will and great humour (my Portuguese is STILL terrible) managed to relay to me that he was a fisherman, he catches most of the fish and seafood for all the restaurants in the area. He explained that sharks do not go after his boat, they go after swimmers because of the rhythm and ensuing vibrations they pick up from the way people swim. (He mimed this for me to help me understand). He explained that the boat does not have this rhythm, so the sharks are not interested. Then he asked if I liked deep sea diving. I said - Yes! I love doing it! And then he said he can take me out diving.

Now, it is quite likely that none of this conversation went down the way I interpreted it and I've just agreed to meet him for something completely different. But hey - adventure! (I mean - context is key here - I am 99% certain we were on the same page)

We admired the water and the waves for a while. He talked about how he had sailed the whole coast of Brazil and I'm guessing he also told me of some of his adventures. I smiled and nodded a lot. 

My dream of the sea is going deeper.