26 January

Optical Sound and Neuro-divergency
2PM | £20 / £10 concs

A rare opportunity to work with and construct visual scores using Tom Richards’ Mini Oramics machine; a drawn-sound synthesiser designed by Daphne Oram (1925–2003) circa 1976 and reimagined by Tom Richards. This workshop proposes alternate systems of scoring and playing electronic music that may connect with Neurodivergent people.

Oram was an electronic music pioneer, one of the founding members of the BBC Radiophonic workshop and the creator of Oramics - a drawn sound technique in which drawings made directly onto 35mm film stock are read by photoelectric cells and turned into sounds. Besides being a musical innovator, Oram was the first woman to direct an electronic music studio, the first woman to set up a personal electronic music studio and the first woman to design and construct an electronic musical instrument. Through his PhD research into Oram, Richards has built a Mini Oramics machine, a unique and previously unfinished synthesiser from her original designs.