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from Riga to Rio and Tokyo to Zurich, Nwando began as a resident DJ for London based club Barrio. As resident DJ for contemporary classical club Nonclassical she performed at clubs including XOYO and Bloc.

Past clients include Net A Porter, Secret Garden Party and Royal Automobile Club. 














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‘If Nwando Ebizie appears to be unlike any other artist out here today, it’s because she’s not. The musician, producer, dancer, DJ and performance artist is more like a renaissance woman whose experimental presentations have dazzled audiences not only in theatres but have also captured the ears of tastemakers like Gilles Peterson.’



Nwando Ebizie is an experimental performance artist, musician, producer, DJ and dancer from Nigeria who has lived, performed and played all over the world (including: Oi Futuro Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Chalet - Berlin, Baltais Fligelis Concert Hall - Latvia, Bonobo - Tokyo, Blok - Zurich). Her work eschews boundaries, but incorporates her training in classical piano, electronic music production (British Academy of New Music), circus, aerial arts (Circomedia), physical theatre, and various forms of dance, with her interests in multi-disciplinary work and ritual performance.

As co-founder of Mas Productions theatre company, Nwando describes their work as  ʻsecular ecstatic artʼ – para-disciplinary work continuing Jonathan Grieve’s (Artistic Director of Para Active ’97-’07) process which seeks to combine the immediacy of music, the conceptualism of live art with the interactive ritual of African (and Diasporic) syncretic ritual forms. Nwando has performed at theatre festivals including London International Festival Theatre, Salisbury International Arts festival and Tempo Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

In her work as a musician Nwando has composed for theatre including a soundtrack for Para Active’s award-winning overnight Brazilian piece “Hotel Medea”, and released her first single on electroclash pioneer Larry Tee’s Carnage Records. She is a recipient of the Steve Reid Innovation award and is currently supported by Brownswood Records, Gilles Peterson, Floating Points and Four Tet. Her debut EP is due for release in April 2016 under the moniker 'Lady Vendredi'.

Always excited by collaboration across disciplines, she has worked with a range of world class musicians, artists and producers including LV, Guillermo Gomez Pena and Princess Superstar.

For the past five years Nwando has also been a resident DJ on the London club scene (Barrio, XOYO, Favela Chic), and festivals including Reading, Wireless, Hard Rock Calling and Secret Garden Party, playing eclectic sets inspired by her time in Brazil, Nigerian heritage, and love for European electronic music. As a resident for Gabriel Prokofiev’s label/ night Nonclassical, Nwando blends fragments of classic contemporary repertoire with complex and evolving electronic loops. DJ credits for Nonclassical include for LSO Aftershock (Barbican), Ynight (Bern/Zurich), Baltais Fligelis Concert Hall (Riga). Inspired by her love for classical music mixed with experimental electronics, she has formed a harp/electronics project called Tendons who have performed at the Royal Opera House.

Nwando is also a Consultant Creative Producer, organising art and music festivals (Lowbrow Festival, Haggerston Park 2012) contemporary classical clubs (Nonclassical @ bloc ft Nathan Fake + Multistory Orchestra 2014) and intercontinental livestreamed gigs (http://www.nonclassical.co.uk/global-streaming/). 

Lady Vendredi Presents: The Passion of Lady Vendredi


An attack-music gumbo of sweaty dance grooves, seasoned with global roots music, and you won’t hear a filthier come-on that “Dirty Chicken” this year.
— The Arts Desk

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mas productions


★★★★★ ‘Gloriously out-there cabaret-meets-gig-meets-theatre-experience.’ 

‘Increasingly unhinged in the best possible way… you will need to leave your inhibitions in the cloakroom.’

★★★★★ Time Out


‘Forget everything you know about what a performance ‘should’ look like, or sound like, or even feel like. Leave your preconceptions about music theatre at the door. Because you are about to enter Lady Vendredi’s futuristic, bizarre, psychedelic and sexy mystical world creatively directed by visionary Jonathan Grieve.’

A Younger Theatre

MAS Productions is an experimental theatre company founded by Jonathan Grieve and Nwando Ebizie that creates para-disciplinary work which seeks to combine the immediacy of music, the conceptualism of live art with theatre and interactive ritual forms.

With a commitment to devising experimental performance and music through a unique combination of artforms and practices, Mas Productions defies the often-quoted categorisation of presenting ‘immersive’ theatre. The company has created its own genre through conceptualising highly inviting ritualistic spaces within which audience members take an embodied, experiential and sensuous journey through to ecstatic transformations. Through developing a working process entitled ‘Secular Ecstatic Art’, dance-theatre practices rooted in exuberant urban social trends are intermixed with exacting dramatic movement techniques and ritual actions from traditional African syncretic religions.


“Infectious and joyous events… a multi-racial cast of performers and brilliant jazz musicians, with Ebizie's talented musicianship, dance and vocals leading the helm...”

Manick Govinda, Head of Artists' Advisory Services, Arts Admin


  15.01.18 Afrofuturist Ritual Movement Workshop @ Home Manchester

15.01.18 Afrofuturist Ritual Movement Workshop @ Home Manchester

 02.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ Demonshaker, Berlin

02.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ Demonshaker, Berlin

 British Council Musician in Residence, Brazil February 2018

British Council Musician in Residence, Brazil February 2018

 28.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ A Curious Invitation: Fat Guede 

28.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ A Curious Invitation: Fat Guede 

 26.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ The Last Wednesday Society, Biddle Bros

26.10.16 Lady Vendredi @ The Last Wednesday Society, Biddle Bros

past Gigs, events, talks

05.09.15    11pm

deloite ignite festival:  tendons & DJ set          Royal opera house

10.09.15    6pm

AFRICA UTOPIA FESTIVAL:   Lady vendredi & the vendettas   southbank centre, clore ballroom

12.09.15    12.30pm

AFRICA UTOPIA FESTIVAL:   AFROFUTURISM PANEL DISCUSSION   southbank centre                     

22.10.15 - 23.10.15   8pm

mas Productions presents: lady vendredi SINGLE LAUNCH:    the roundhouse   

26.11.15    8pm

PRSF showcase:            lady vendredi & the Vendettas   the forge

29.11.15    4pm

minimalism festival:      nonclassical synth ensemble     kings place